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Advantages Of A Shipment Tracking Software


A shipment tracking software is a type of software that is designed to track the status of shipments and an examples is the ODYN. This occurs when ones buys a commodity from an overseas country. The trade between nations have now been made easier with the invention of technology as one can now order a certain commodity in another continent using ones mobile phone or the comfort of one's home. Once ordered, the company then prepares the goods for shipment to their respective buyers. Companies have different payment policies regarding the goods purchased where some ask for payment before disparage of the goods while some ask for payment once the buyers has confirmed getting their goods. It is good to know the status of once shipment once it's have been dispatched to avoid loss or damage. This is where you will learn more on the benefits of a shipment tracking software.


It helps reduce costs that were involved in the traditional way of checking the status of a shipment. The software has come to cut the cost of knowing the status and location of one's shipment. This is because the process involved service levels and fees which were costly to the shippers. The software links the shippers with the carriers so as to enable direct communication between them.


It has helped improve the shipment process in general. The supply chain depends on the shipping process thus the shippers have to make good decision thus the software at https://odyn.ai gives them the required information in the making of proper decision so as to positively maintain the supply chain management. The software helps in the maintaining of these demand and supply forces at equilibrium.


With shipment tracking capabilities, the metrics of a certain freight movement can be easily monitored. The shippers can calculate the time to be taken using the speed information thus can know if a freight will delay or will be in time, therefore, informing their customers appropriately. The shippers can now use the statistics from this software to know which mode or carrier is the fastest and more efficient to use in the shipment process thus improving its efficiency.


A shipment tracking software offers better customer experience as it helps to minimize any delays. People have now focused on the shipment process due to the increase in shopping overseas. The buyers are informed of any changes that occur in the freight movements. This helps the buyers have a peace-of-mind as they are assured that their goods are safe and they will receive them after the shipment arrives


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